Werner Herzog on Creativity, Self-Reliance, Making a Living of What You Love, and How to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality | Brain Pickings

I feel something very close to love and admiration every time I read what Herzog has to say about this.

Pd patching on my phone. 
This is awesome.
Yesterday, I had the privilege to take a 4 hour lesson on Modular Synthesis and a few tips and tricks on soldering with Prof. Quincas Moreira.He has an open electronic music and synthesis lab every Saturday for anyone who is willing to learn. So people in DF with some thirst to learn about analog circuitry and modular synthesis, you should go!

mPD - Android Apps on Google Play

Good news for people that can’t afford a laptop.

Pure Data is now available on Android devices.

The first article on my upcoming series about programming in Max for Hispasonic is now highlighted in the main page, but just for a little while… so go check it out!

Formalized Music / Thought and Mathematics in Composition, Iannis Xenakis (1971).


Arduino for Pd by Alexandro Drymonitis.

"…tutorial on the communication between Pd and Arduino, aimed at Pd users who want to program Arduino without using the Firmata firmware.”


The human use of human beings (1954 ed., cover design by george giusti)
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Nerd excitement

So excited to see that this semester I will be taking Psychoacoustics and Neurosciences of Audition at my uni. Even more that Max will be the tool for this course. 

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